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​CBS Approach to Project Management

When you need to find solutions to shorten time to market, lower costs, deal with changing product requirements and relieve constraining bottlenecks, CBS knows how to help you achieve tangible, long term, result-driven improvements.

Example of needs we address:

Improve Time to Market

• Shorten time to market

• Release more products

• Meet project deadlines on time

Improve Quality

• Improve product quality

• Release only final and tested versions

• Handle change requirements within scope of project

Improve Company Effectiveness

• Increase company throughput

• Resolve bottlenecks

• Set clear synchronized priorities

• Allocate human resources most effectively

CBS applies a holistic approach to increase companies' results by reducing product cycle time (with given resources and defined scope).

Our unique analysis tools quickly identify the core problems and bottlenecks such as Bad Multi-tasking habits across the organization.

The experienced CBS team plans and controls, on a daily basis, an end-to-end integrative critical chain that synchronizes priorities across the enterprise.

The optimal number of concurrent projects is achieved with a mechanism that synchronizes project launches and portfolio control.

CBS management buy-in implementation processes enables company teams to own the total improvement process.

CBS is the Israeli representative of Realization, a worldwide company that makes it easy for organizations to be fast and efficient.

Over the past 13 years CBS has helped internationally recognized customers solve various type of project management complexity and achieve initial results within as little as two months.

Our customers have been able to introduce new products 20-40% faster, up to 30% increases in total throughput (with same resources) and increase product quality significantly.

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