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Comprehensive Implementation Package (CIP)

CIP is offered to customers with a multi-project multi-resource environment who have the need to improve time to market, quality and efficiency.

CIP encompasses a holistic approach and tool kit with the purpose of adding effectiveness to your projects organization. With CIP, you will achieve a dramatic increase in projects’ throughput, including shorter cycle times, improved quality and effective transparency and control.

The CIP will always follow the Execution Analysis (EAS), which provides an in-depth mapping of your environment, the identification of core problems and the guidelines for the full implementation.

CIP includes the following main services:

• Portfolio Management Solution (PMS)

• Single Project Management (SPM)

• Rapid Bottleneck Resolution (RBR)

• A variety of tools, including the Concerto web based enterprise software project management system

The CIP follows a step by step process:

- Setting up implementation teams from both companies

- Defining and approval of goals and targets

- Detailing solution design for all  solutions

- Defining an overall implementation strategy

- Receiving consensus on the implementation plan

- Monitoring and supporting execution until results are achieved

- Summary and handover

Our guiding principles include strong team work, quantified measurements skills and a high level of professionalism and commitment.

The process will allow for continuous updates for all participants and stake holders as well as training and coaching for the customer’s leading teams which will also be in charge of maintaining the know-how after  handover.

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