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Rapid Bottleneck Resolution (RBR)

The RBR process increases company throughput by increasing a bottleneck’s throughput within 6-8 weeks.

In many situations bottlenecks take project teams by surprise, as they may lack effective procedures to resolve them. Frequently we meet recurring symptoms in bottleneck areas, such as:

• Absence of top management agreement on the real bottlenecks

• Lack of specific skills and other resources

• Efforts towards increasing the availability of the scarce skills

• Bad Multi-tasking habits done at the bottleneck

• Incomplete input to the bottleneck

• Change of priorities

The RBR contains two main deliverables:

1. Agreement by top managers on bottlenecks

2. Define and execute a plan to increase throughput in the shortest time

Within two weeks, we identify the real bottleneck after interviewing the relevant people and conducting a quick analysis.

By working closely with your team, we will set up a plan that includes:

• Setting targets for short term improvements

• Reducing Bad Multi-tasking at the bottleneck

• Implementing a gate with a full kit process to improve input

• Synchronizing with other departments

• Daily process of fast issue resolution. We assist the team to implement a rapid issue resolution process on a daily basis and provide a weekly report for top management.

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