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Execution Analysis Service (EAS)

EAS is an in-depth, four to six week analysis, where we obtain management acknowledgement of the core problems, recommend solutions and the implementation strategy with the target to significantly increase company throughput, reduce projects' cycle time and improve quality.

We conduct a wide range of interviews with relevant functions at various levels within your company. We capture all relevant information that covers existing project management practices and current and desired results.

By using unique analysis tools (Current Reality Tree), CBS clarifies the confusion between core problems and symptoms. Using the Evaporating Cloud methodology, a field-proven process, we suggest directions for long-term solutions. Together with your team, we define an implementation plan  aimed to achieve the quickest results.

We conduct a one to two day management workshop where we obtain management buy-in on the following:

1. The core problems underlying the undesired effects

2. The recommended solutions that will address these problems

3. Aggressive targets

EAS is executed with a deep understanding of project management and organizational issues. During this process, we solicit your team to evaluate the current situation from a fresh perspective, identify the opportunities and support a change process for you to introduce.

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